Not content with inflicting it on us, Iain Duncan Smith is pushing the “wonders” of workfare in New Zealand.

Workfare is having to work for nothing to qualify for benefits. That means slavery to those forced onto it. They’ll be replacing paid workers, including sacked trades union members - Boycott Workfare, London

It's great to see three British welfare groups come out in solidarity with the Auckland Action Against Poverty's picket of Conservative minister Iain Duncan Smith tomorrow.

Duncan Smith is speaking to the right wing think tank, the Maxim Institute. The Maxim Institute has links with Duncan Smith's own think tank, the so-called 'Centre for Social Justice'.

The three British groups are Boycott Workfare, the London Coalition Against Poverty and Welfare Uncut.

Boycott Workfare
, is planning a phone blockade of Iain Duncan Smith's right wing think tank, timed to coincide as closely as possible with the Auckland action

AAAP spokesperson Sue Bradford says 'We believe that Mr Smith is right at the front line of inflicting some of the most horrendous policies on unemployed people, beneficiaries and people with disabilities in the UK.'

'We are protesting outside the Maxim dinner on Friday night because we seek to stand in solidarity with beneficiaries in the UK, and because we want to highlight the extent to which the recommendations of the Government's Rebstock report are based on UK welfare reforms.'

'Direct actions are a part of political discourse, and given the nature of Government onslaughts against beneficiaries and unemployed people in both New Zealand and the UK, we need to do more than simply listen politely to what conservative 'experts' brought in from overseas have to tell us.'

The picket will take place this Friday 22 July from 5.30pm onwards, outside the Heritage Hotel, 35 Hobson St, Auckland.


  1. Another word for workfare - i.e. working for nothing is

  2. I've got a nasty bug at the moment, which is badly timed because I would love to be outside the Heritage doing some quality shouting tomorrow.

  3. Pohutukawa kid21 July 2011 at 18:35

    How about we do a phone blockade all day on the Maxim Institute

  4. Funny how work shy lefties always post to say they would go and protest but they're ill/immobile/looking after their yoghurt. Almost anything but "sorry I'm working that day"


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