Christchurch ain't big enough for both of us! Councillor Aaron Keown tells his 'negative' critics to pack their bags and leave town and leave him to deal with all the big issues...

I've been diverted from blogging by other pressing matters. including a huge dump of snow yesterday, but I must comment on the 'erratic' behaviour of Christchurch councillor Aaron Keown. Unfortunately he is one of my ward councillors although I haven't yet had the 'pleasure' of meeting him.

Last week it was reported that high profile Wellington lawyer Mai Chen attended a closed-door council meeting last month. She advised that Keown should withdraw from any involvement in appointing the Christchurch City Council's Chief Executive.

Keown, like Sideshow Bob, has fatally compromised his position because he has publicly come out in support of the present CEO Tony Marryatt. 'Tony' wants to keep his $450,000+ annual salary and his cosy morning coffee meetings with Sideshow Bob and Mrs Sideshow Bob.

Unlike Bob however, Keown has not withdrawn from the appointment process.

Now it looks like that some local business people are going to apply to the High Court for an injunction to stop him taking any further part in the process.

The sensible thing for Keown to do is recognise that his position is untenable and simply remove himself from the appointment process. But the former Act Party candidate has decided that he would rather hang around and rant insanely instead.

He claims that he has spoken to community organisations and chief executives about the process who, he says, 'are embarrassed and dumbfounded that anyone from outside the council is trying to meddle in the process. '

So far however, no one has popped to say that there they are, in fact 'embarrassed and dumbfounded' about the whole affair which kind of suggests that Keown has been talking to himself.

But it gets worse. Keown wants his critics to 'fuck off' and leave Christchurch! He told The Press:

'The best thing they could do for the city, rather than pretend they are worried about the process, would be to pack their bags and, I can't use the word, .... off, and leave the city.

"Our city doesn't need negative naysayers trying to disrupt the process."

Readers will recall that this is the same Aaron Keown who attacked earthquake victims in the eastern suburbs for 'whining for not being helped'.

Keown's bizarre outburst might be explained by the fact that he has other matters on his mind. While Christchurch grapples with the devastating consequences of a series of quakes. our hero has been grappling with crucial issues like...prostitutes, movies and library rental fees.

At a recent council meeting he proposed the cancellation of fees for commercial filming in the city and the doubling of CD and DVD rental fees at city libraries!

To top it all off, he tried to introduce a licence fee for local prostitutes!

'They should pay; they're hawking a product.' he declared.

Not surprisingly, no other councillor thought it was appropriate for the Christchurch City Council to become a glorified pimp.


  1. Well Aaron; that's what the voters will be telling you to do come election time......


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