More marketing madness from do-nothing union bureaucrats! This time its the PSA. It has been wasting money on another pointless campaign designed to help the struggling Labour Party.

Having sat on its collective hands for the past three years while the Government has diligently slashed jobs in the state sector, the Public Service Association top brass have unveiled their 'election campaign'. That silence you are hearing is the sound of no one paying any attention.

The campaign plaintively asks 'What can we do about plans to cut public services'? I would of thought the answer was obvious - go on strike, organise protests, make life difficult for John Key generally. Clearly the PSA hasn't been watching what has been going on in countries like Greece, France and Spain. It's called class struggle.

But that, dear reader, is 'old fashioned thinking'. You need to get with the plan and embrace the 'modern unionism' of the CTU's Helen Kelly.

In a time of economic crisis and with workers exposed to the vicious austerity drive of John Key and co, what we really need is an advertising campaign.

According to Jenny Michie we don't need class power to defeat this government - we just need to hire an advertising agency!

Says Michie: 'We’ve hired a great ad agency to help us – the ones who’re doing the Power Shop ads ‘same power, different attitude’.

Gosh. Impressed? I know I'm not. According to the PSA, 'championing' the rights of workers is now on a par with promoting electricity power companies.

Jenny Michie is a PSA Policy Adviser and used to be the Communications Manager for the Labour Party,

I'm intrigued that Michie says that 'we' hired a great ad agency. Since the PSA membership weren't canvassed for their opinion about this campaign, I'm guessing that the PSA leadership made a unilateral decision to waste more money on a advertising campaign that will achieve exactly nothing. How much money was spent exactly?

Underpinning this stupid campaign, of course, is the message that we should all vote Labour.

All this campaign actually does is, once again, leave ordinary people without a strong militant union voice with the bureaucrats in the PSA and the CTU cynically calculating their moves within the disastrous strategy of trying to get another right wing Labour Party back into power.

This is the same Labour Party whose finance spokesperson, David Cunliffe, has already said that Labour would not 'shirk' from its 'responsibilities' to make cuts.

Earlier this year the Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union launched its 'Things just got Tougher' campaign supposedly designed to oppose the Government’s new workplace law changes.

It was Labour Party election candidate Andrew Little who announced this campaign of 'radio and newspaper advertising, and online social media information pages.'

It was another campaign that replaced real political action with marketing and achieved nothing.

Since the CTU posted its 'Things Just Got Tougher' video on YoutTube in March this year, a mere 734 people have bothered to look at it - and some of them were under the impression it was a promo for the next Vin Diesel movie.


  1. 'Campaign' is just a spin-word for 'looking like you're doing something when you're actually doing nothing'.

    Who could forget the CTU's 'fight' against the 90 day employment bill - A couple of youtube videos and facebook page. And even then they had to get a Labour Party member to appear in the video.

  2. I 'like' the way how the campaign talks about 'plans to cut public services'. Plans? I think well over 1000 workers have lost their jobs in the state sector in the past 12 months. We are well beyond the 'planning stage.'

  3. Most people are living in the Matrix and are unaware that they are being manipulated and that their thoughts are not their own. They have been programmed to follow money, not humanitarian ideals. Hence John Key can blame the poor and everyone nods in agreement. He is rich and on TV, another celebrity for godless people to worship. We are worshipping money at the expense of the potential good for humanity and Nature, moral bankruptcy leads to financial bankruptcy.


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