Sideshow Bob is hypocrite of the week...

Chrissie Williams was one of the more accomplished Christchurch City councillors but this week she quit her post and took a number of swipes at Mayor Sideshow Bob before she went

Her criticisms of Sideshow will be familiar with anyone who have taken any kind of interest in Sideshow's slimy political career.

When it looked like he was going to be swept out of the mayoral office by rival Jim Anderton, Sideshow suddenly claimed he had taken on board the criticisms directed at him by the good people of Christchurch. Bob promised to be more 'accountable' and 'transparent'.

But once he was safely ensconced in the mayoral office again, Bob quickly returned to his secretive and undemocratic ways.

Williams this week labelled the Sideshow Bob -led council 'dysfunctional'.

She also didn't surprise anyone with her criticism that Sideshow Bob favoured his supporters on council and kept information back from the Labour aligned councillors. She said that Parker had divided the council into 'A' and 'B' teams.

She also made some veiled references to Bob's loyal right hand man, Tony Marryatt, commenting that councillors were deliberately kept 'out of the loop' on many issues.

In response, Sideshow Bob has laughingly claimed that Williams' criticism of his leadership 'came out of politics' and went on to say that some councillors chose to act 'as if they were part of a parliamentary process" rather than in the best interests of the city'.

Sideshow Bob's hypocrisy is breathtaking.

This is the guy who pretended he was 'politically independent' but when he was staring at a massive mayoral election defeat at the hands of Jim Anderton, he called on help from his old chum, John Key. The Prime Minister promptly turned up at a fundraising event.

This is the guy who sneaks into National Party events via the backdoor.

And this is the same Sideshow Bob who has had nothing to say about the disgraceful treatment that many people living in damaged homes have received from the Minister of Earthquake Recovery, Gerry Brownlie.

Rather than act in the best interests of the city, Sideshow Bob has continued to toady up to Brownlie. It's as if Bob thinks he's 'part of a parliamentary process'.


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