Tony Marryatt will be reappointed the CEO of the Christchurch City Council by the end of this week

Unfortunately Tony Marryatt, the present Christchurch City Council CEO, will now keep his job and the 'Bob and Tony Show' will continue on its merry way.

That's because on Friday the High Court gave Christchurch City councillor Aaron Keown its approval to vote on the appointment of a new council chief executive.

This is in despite of Keown publicly declaring his loyalty to 'Tony'.

Among other things, he wrote a letter to The Press in which he praised Marryatt's performance. And in an interview on local radio he again declared his support for the less-than-popular Marryatt, stating that he preferred that 'Tony' kept his $480,000 a year job.

Despite such behaviour Judge Fogarty thought that it not been 'proved' that Keown had predetermined the outcome of the appointment process.

Keown's vote will now ensure that Marryatt keeps his job although he would like us all to believe that he hasn't already made his mind up.

"My mind is still open, and I will go through the process, hand on heart, looking for the best candidate." he has said. He must think we're all stupid.

There is only one other candidate and he hasn't a snowballs chance in hell in getting the job.


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