Tony Marryatt has been predictably reappointed the CEO of the Christchurch City Council.

No one will be surprised that the unpopular Tony Marryatt has been reappointed CEO of the Christchurch City Council.

He isn't popular with his own council workers and he isn't popular in the wider Christchurch community but his mates on council chose to ignore all of this and reappointed him.

But it just goes to illustrate that in the higher echelons of the Christchurch City Council, cronyism continues to prevail.

Support for Marryatt came from Jamie Gough, Barry Corbett, Ngaire Button, Aaron Keown, Claudia Reid, Sue Wells, Sally Buck and Chrissie Williams.

Glenn Livingstone, Jimmy Chen, Yani Johanson and Tim Carter voted against Marryatt and Helen Broughton abstained.

Not exactly a vote of confidence in 'Tony' was it?


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