It's a classless society in Kerre Woodham's 'Stadium of Four Million'!

Mac, who is a regular reader of this blog and always good for a interesting observation or two, has brought it to my attention that talkback host Kerre Woodham has been waxing lyrical about the Rugby World Cup in her weekly column in the New Zealand Herald. So I took a look at it.

Jeez. Anyone would of thought we'd discovered a cure for cancer rather then scraped an ugly victory in a tedious rugby game. But according to Woodham, the RWC brought us all together in 'a stadium of four million'. Not me it didn't. I imagine though the working class got the cheap seats and Kerre and her mates were up in the corporate boxes swilling back the champagne.

Kerre's hoping that 'the spirit of fun and optimism and goodwill will remain' for the remainder of the year. I scanned this column with my patented bullshit meter - it charted off the dial and then promptly blew up.

I'm kind of wondering also if young women on the DPB were invited into Kerre's 'Stadium of Four Million'.

Earlier this year Woodham suggested New Zealand's high level of child abuse was due to mothers who had children for cash. Ignoring the effects that increasing poverty and social deprivation have had on child abuse levels, Woodham thundered:

'All those mothers who haven't got a clue who their children's sperm donors were. All those mothers who have children because they get paid to - and, let's face it, they wouldn't get paid to do anything else. Those mothers who stay with men who hurt them and their kids because they're so pathetic and useless that any shag - even when it comes with a biff - is better than being alone.'

The myth that women get pregnant purely to stay on the DPB might appeal to a redneck talkback audience but I would of thought that Woodham, being a mother herself, would have quickly recognised that enduring the lengthy months of a pregnancy in order to pick up the pittance that is the DPB is just nonsensical. It's hardly a ticket to 'lifestyles of the rich and famous' - more like a ticket to the food bank.

Kerre though doesn't seem to have had any problem with the Government throwing tens of millions at the RWC. The Government spent $12 million alone on state functions and to accommodate official guests. Yes it was mighty big piss-up and all at the expense of the taxpayer.

And, as far as I'm aware, there actually is no evidence that backs Woodham's assertion that women do get pregnant in order to continue receiving the DPB. It's simply more anti-working class bigotry.

But then Woodham also wrote this year that some people were just too dumb to find jobs. She wrote: 'Some people are just plain unemployable. They're the ones who would have been the biscuit packers in the factories of yesteryear. '

So its not capitalism's fault you can't get a job - you're just too stupid!


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