Councillor Sue Wells lives it up in Germany...

Councillor Sue Wells quietly slipped out of Christchurch a week or so ago. She was off on a ratepayer-funded junket to Mainz, Germany where she has been attending the five day 'conference' of the 'Great Wine Capital Network'.

The good people of Christchurch have been forced to stump up the cash for her travel expenses which could be as much as $5000.

During last years election campaign Wells stressed that she would listen to the concerns of ratepayers . But the loyal Sideshow Bob supporter chose not to listen when the good people of Christchurch told her that if she wanted to go on a wine junket then she should pay for it herself.

Not known for her modesty, Wells has uncharacteristically made no mention of her German holiday on her blog. In fact, there have been no posts since around mid-October. She's even gone strangely quiet on Twitter albeit for one 'wish you were here' tweet.

But here's some photos of Sue Wells and her chums hard at work at the 'conference'. It's a tough job drinking all that wine and eating all that smoked salmon, but someone has to do it..


  1. These types of things are nothing more than wankfests where they all get together drink each others wines, tell each other to their faces how exquisite they are and then behind their backs bitch n moan about them.

    Then they plead poverty as an industry and go looking for handouts from govt or anyone else for that matter that will be stupid enough to part with their hard earned $$$$$$

    wonder if the good councillor has signed us up for anything?

  2. I see that Wells has had her hair done. I hope she's not charging the ratepayer for her visit to the hairdresser


    Apparently it cost us $5k. What a total waste, who are they kidding?

  4. There is something so very Imelda Marcos about sue wells . What a boon for the city of CHCH and for all those over on the East Side to have her working so hard over there at the wine festival ... ( I hope my sarcasm isn't drippping all over my keyboard while I write this ).

  5. How many deliberations of the DCCP has she missed? And she's gone off the radar on FB and Twitter. I'd like to know the total cost of her trip, because he appears that she has stayed on in Europe looking at cities that were bombed during WWII. What class did she travel? I doubt it was cattle - she should be back here representing her constituents and the ppl of CHCH - but hey the DCCP is a jacked up joke anyway and she's probably got all she wants already!!!!!!!!

  6. Any information or clues to the whereabouts of this missing councillor would be appreciated


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