Where in the world is Councillor Sue Wells?

Weeburdt1 has asked on Twitter : ' Does anyone know where @sue_wells went? I hope she is ok and only taking time out.'

Since attending a five day wine 'conference' in Germany, Wells has 'disappeared'. Her blog remains dormant as does her Twitter account. Her Facebook page is 'temporarily unavailable'. It's almost as if Wells uncharacteristically wants to keep a low profile.

The wine 'conference' ended on 27 October.

What we do know is that the loyal Sideshow Bob supporter is apparently still in Europe and is supposedly 'looking' at cities damaged during World War Two.

A number of Christchurch councillors have justified overseas jaunts on the basis that its earthquake-related 'research' but Wells justification for touring Europe, on the face of it, seems spurious at best.

I'm sure though that Ms Wells will be providing the good people of Christchurch with a comprehensive report on what she's been doing and what she's achieved. And how much it cost the ratepayer.

That will lay to rest the scurrilous gossip that she's simply having a holiday at the ratepayers expense...


  1. Wells should of got the message that going on this wine junket was unacceptable but she still chose to go.

    If this wasn't band enough, she's now somewhere in Europe having a holiday at our expense. This s very rich coming from someone who spouts on about 'welfare freeloaders'.

    Since she gets a six figure salary to represent the people of her ward she is not doing her job. In a private company you would quickly be shown the door if you failed to do what was required of you. But in the Christchurch City Council of Sideshow Bob, anything goes - especially if you a memeber of Bob's 'A Team'.

  2. When the history books are written on these earthquakes, will Wells be proud to have it recorded that her contribution was that she attended a wine tasting trip at the ratepayers expense in Europe?

    When her grandchildren (if there are any?) ask her what she did for the city when she was a councillor during the earthquakes, how proud would she be to say she went on a wine tasting trip?

  3. So Parker and all other elected representatives are too busy to attend the deconsecration of the Cathedral, but Wells can go on a ratepayer paid trip to Europe? Are they busy or not?

  4. Wells is back in Christchurch. Don't forget to request a copy of her report 0f what she did during and after the wine 'conference'. And how much of it got charged to the ratepayer. I'm sure she has written one...

  5. All expenses paid, includes those of her new boy friend Kim Franklyn (pic) too, and yes your right they did enjoy the sight seeing


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