It's another intelligent political analysis from the man who told us that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. This time Newstalk ZB's Bruce Russell has Occupy Auckland in his crazy sights.

Newstalk ZB's Bruce Russell has been attacking Occupy Auckland - and the occupy movement generally - on a regular basis. Yesterday he was frothing at the mouth because Judge Philippa Cunningham declined to issue arrest warrants for the Occupy Auckland activists.

Six tents remain in Aotea Square despite the protesters being served with an injunction last Friday ordering them to leave.

Judge Philippa Cunningham however said she was concerned people could be put in jail and not have access to the courts until January 16.

This ruling from the good judge sent Russell and his redneck talkback callers into hysterics. Russell wanted his callers to tell him what could be done about 'activist' judges. 'Activist' judges are judges that Russell doesn't like. Judge Cunningham wouldn't be an 'activist' judge if she had thrown the Occupy actvists into jail. Russell would of been congratulating her and sending her flowers.

Neither Newstalk ZB, or Bruce Russell, have managed to do any serious programs on the occupy movement - they'd rather just indulge in the usual right wing bigotry. In fact Newstalk ZB has behaved in much the same antagonistic way to Occupy as Fox News in the United States.

So according to Russell, the man who said that Obama Bin Laden had training camps in northern Iraq, Occupy Auckland are just 'woolly thinking woofters'. And they're 'layabouts'. And why are they living in tents made by those horrible corporations? Blah Blah Blah...

According to Russell 'the whole of Auckland' is against Occupy. Has Russell surveyed 'the whole of Auckland'? No. he hasn't. He's just making it up as he goes along. As usual.

Russell's rant encouraged his redneck callers to attack the judge. I'm certain Judge Cunningham would not be happy with some of the outrageous allegations that were made against her by his moronic callers.

Having encouraged the vicious attacks against the judge, Russell eventually started cutting short callers who threatened to get abusive. What a hypocrite.


  1. The guy IS a creep . A typical NZ sqawkback host, bigoted, arrogant, ill informed and full of himself , but i'm sure they are the qualities they look for at Newstalk ZB , and all the other talkback shows.

  2. THIS TB host is thick last night he said twat on the radio well i in formed him that it means women's private parts he replied "is that all you rang up about it is spelled twot" then i got cut off now so typical he can't debate and it makes him a real twat because it also means idiot as well. lol


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