Deputy Mayor Ngaire Button thinks the good people of Christchurch need to be 'saved'.

In these days of trouble, what do the good people of quake-stricken Christchurch need? Jobs? Financial security? An affordable place to live?

It is, of course, all these things and more. But Deputy Mayor Ngaire Button has other ideas about what the people of Christchurch are in search of. She says we need 'to know who God is'.

The loyal Sideshow Bob supporter told a Spreydon Baptist Church service that 'The biggest need for the city is salvation. People need hope. They need to see the world from the right perspective.'

Presumably 'seeing the word from the right perspective' also includes supporting the National Party like Button.

Button also describes the media as 'a negative influence' on Christchurch which certainly won't help her when she next tries to get some 'good news' story into The Press.

It's also interesting to note that while she expresses concern about the dire housing situation she is also the same Ngaire Button who voted to put council rents up a massive 24 percent in 2010. Council flats are home to some of Christchurch's most disadvantaged people.

But, at the same time, she voted to give failed property developer Dave Henderson a $17 million bailout.

She also voted to cut council funding to struggling community groups.

Indeed Button's motto seems to be 'take from the poor and give to the rich' because she also voted to boost Tony Marryatt's salary to over half a million dollars a year.


  1. yes Ngaire the negative influences unfortunately at this moment in time control the CCC........

  2. Last time I saw her she was driving around in a big SUV donated by a local car company ... the public trough not big enough ?

  3. Is Ngaire saying she needs saved from the "A"vil? i mean Evil? God will only help Ngaire once she repents, we have more chance of her getting struck by lightening than Her repenting..

  4. Consider this video of Ngaire Button asking for gods help for Christchurch and then look at this morning's Press and see the story about 4yr old Josh talking to the earthquakes with a hollow pipe in the ground.(page 2) Both have an equal chance of being heard, and a zero chance of making any difference, but our Deputy Mayor should think about the value using of pre-school logic.

  5. What a class nut

  6. At the most recent protest at the Civic Offices concerning Marryatt's salary increase, Button told the crowd that 'social problems' were being ignored because of the earthquakes. She was then hurriedly escorted away by her media advisors.

  7. Well, I'd like to get to know Jesus better...if I could just find a church that's still standing in this city.

  8. Button, Wells, Corbett, Gough, Parker etc are the logical outcome of ratepayer indifference to local government voting. % turnout at the polls were low, and Parker is only in because the thought of Jim Anderton as mayor was to frightening for those that bothered to vote. Some of these people will resurface after the next election unless there is a conscious decision by ratepayers to turn up and vote them out. My gut feeling is that people are too lazy; Wells and Corbett see this as a job and their little mork and Mindy sideshow will appear again and their celebrity(?) lifestyles will carry them through. All those connected to Marryatt's pay increase are cynical and detached and should not be connected in anyway with the rebuild.

  9. Klunk is wrong. Before the Sept quake struck, Anderon was 16 percent ahead in the polls. Sideshow Bob was toast - it was only the quake that saved him.


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