Tony Marryatt is back to his bad old ways. It didn't take long, did it?

'Hard-working' Tony Marryatt left a Christchurch City Council meeting today to attend to a more urgent and pressing task - namely playing golf.

Having seemingly already forgotten that is recent behaviour has not impressed the good people of Christchurch, Sideshow Bob's faithful right hand man left the council meeting to take part in the 2012 Pro-Am Tournament at the Pegasus Golf Course.

The tournament is being held as part of the NZ Women's Open, which starts tomorrow. The Christchurch City Council is a major sponsor of this tournament. Given these financially tough times, why is the council sponsoring golf tournaments anyway?

Despite it being a work day, the half a million dollar man teed off at 1pm. He told The Press that he had taken a half day's annual leave and that he needed 'some balance' between his work and personal life.


Barely a few weeks after a big protest outside the Christchurch City Council offices Marryatt is back to his bad old ways. This guy is a total waste of time.


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