Billy Bunter is not only annoying the good people of Christchurch, he's also got right up the nose of the people of Finland.

Some of Brownlee's 'incisive' observations on Finland included the claim that the country "hardly educates its people, and has no respect for women". Bunter now claims he was only joking but the damage has been done. Brownlee = racist bastard.

A Finnish comedian Tuomas Enbuske has fired a fired a few critical barbs in Gerry Brownlee's direction. It's not exactly Jon Stewart, but worth a look while wondering how the hell the oafish Bunter ended up as Earthquake Recovery Minister for Canterbury.


  1. Hi and greetings from Finland.

    At least there is one thing that Gerry knows:


  2. Tuomas Enbuske's broadside may not be Jon Stewart, but he's certainly sussed Brownlee's infantile wavelength. The spectacle of our timid and crawling mainstream media giggling and farting over someone having the cojones to "diss the teacher" is pretty nauseating.


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