Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority chief Roger Sutton wants people in the eastern suburbs of Christchurch to be 'patient' - and is calling on local business and political leaders to enforce it.

Here's something that I missed but which Porcupine Pine didn't.

Cera chief Roger Sutton was doing his best impersonation of his boss Gerry Brownlee at last weeks Seismics and the City workshop ($700 a ticket).

He said that business leaders need to step up to ensure people stayed 'patient' during the earthquake recovery. Ten months ago Sutton - a man fast losing his credibility - was also calling for 'patience'. Which is easy for him to say since he's on a annual salary of some $750,000.

Other people wheeled in to help placate the proles in the eastern suburbs included Student Volunteer Army founder and National Party blue-eyed boy Sam Johnson, Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce chief executive Peter Townsend, Ballantynes managing director Mary Devine and Canterbury University vice-chancellor Rod Carr.

So while houses and lives fall apart in the Eastside, Sutton wants any dissent and opposition kept firmly screwed down by his business and government mates. This probably signals more of Sutton's silly shin=digs like community 'fairs' and the like. Or maybe it'll be valium all round. It's bullshit and we all know it.


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