While the good people of Christchurch  struggle with the Earthquake Commission, insurance companies, Fletcher Challenge and Gerry Brownlee,  Mayor Sideshow Bob gets a  pay rise...

Displaying more remarkable political  'leadership' in a city where so many people  are struggling ,  Mayor Sideshow Bob has decided that he desperately  needs his $2,500 pay rise. Which means he will be struggling on  just a  basic salary of $171,000 per year. Which makes him the second highest paid mayor in the country, after Auckland's Len Brown.

Of course that's just Sideshow's  basic salary. He also picks up another fat wad   for being a director of Christchurch City Council Holdings. In 2011 the double-dipping Parker picked up a cool $35,000 - along with councillors and fellow double-dippers  Sue Wells, Barry Corbett and Tim Carter.

And let's not forget that Sideshow also has a generous expense account - to pay for such 'essentials' as coffee with his faithful right hand man, 'Tony' Marryatt.

Sideshow, rolling around in his big vat of cash,  tactlessly  told The Press: 'I don't sit around thinking about my income'. Such a carefree attitude can only come from someone with a bloated bank account.

Clearly Sideshow isn't getting the extra cash for representing the interests of the eastern suburbs - who he long ago abandoned to the wolves of 'the market'.


  1. It seems incredible that he would even bother to accept a $50 per week pay rise. Normally new Mayors, next election,have come from within the City council existing, and who could that be.
    I thought there would be someone beating the drums by now, what is wrong with us, I know that Jo Kane was interested, but I am not sure now, and she continues to live in Waimakariri.


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