Sideshow Bob's 'written' a potboiler about his favourite subject - himself. 

There's a lot that Sideshow Bob hasn't done in recent months.

He hasn't spoken  out against  the outrageous rent hikes by bloodsucking landlords and he hasn't demanded that the government do something about it.  He hasn't spoken out against  the cancellation of the 2013 elections for Environment Canterbury- in fact he supports the government's decision but he won't admit to it.  He has boasted about the government's vision of the new corporate Christchurch but failed to speak out about people continuing to live in damaged houses  and garages.  Nor has he spoken out about the sheer intransigence and arrogance of EQC, the insurance companies and CERA  In fact Sideshow  has done little but cuddle up to his  chum Lord Gerry Brownlee and loudly  complain  that he has been forced  to pay  the travel expenses  for the wife when they embark on  their 'Sister Cities' extended vacation later this month.

You might be thinking that  Bob's a complete waste of space but you would be wrong!

Sideshow has been busy! He's been writing a  book! And it's all about his  favourite subject - himself.

Well, he's had a book written for him.  It's largely the work of a ghostwriter who Sideshow won't name. The wife perhaps?

Yes folks, this book features our hero fighting the earthquakes and restoring order to a trouble city. Sideshow says it'll feature 'the arguments, indecision, petty jealousies, power struggles and policies''.  So its all set to be a whitewash job for Sideshow Bob  and his council lackeys.

The cover kind of sums it all up. There is Sideshow in his orange safety jacket, sleeves rolled up, all set  to do  another television interview in his bid to get re-elected!  He's even wearing a 'munted' t-shirt. It's not enough to  betray working people in this city - he'll even steal from working class culture if he can get some mileage out of it.

For this rotten paperback  you are expected  to fork out $40.  God knows who'll buy it other than Sue Wells, Barry Corbett and his other council flunkies. Ripped Apart? If you buy this rubbish you will have been well  and truly RIPPED OFF...


  1. I'm reminded of the awful album Paul Holmes did years ago.

  2. Yes, and like that 'memorable' album, no doubt Sideshow's book will end up in the discount bin - priced to clear at $2.99.

  3. I'm sure it'll be in the bargain bins in a few months


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