A new wave of protests  have kicked off around the world.

October 13 marked the beginning of  protests all around the world, in hundreds of cities, under the banner of “Global Noise'. The protests, against debt and social injustice, will continue all this week.

According to the website for Global Noise, local organizers and participants define the focus of each protest themselves.

The result is a turbulent cacophony of issues and slogans: “Don't owe, won't pay” in Spain, “Fuck the Troika” in Portugal, a clear message against war from Istanbul, and a protest in front of the annual IMF/Worldbank meeting in Tokyo.

One common theme running through all the #GlobalNoise events is the targeting of political and financial elites who are held responsible for destroying local communities and the planet, adding impetus  to the ongoing wave of anti-austerity protests in Europe and around the world. At the same time #GlobalNoise is a symbol of hope and unity, building on a wide variety of struggles for global justice and solidarity, confident  that a new and better world can be created.

As one activist put it: 'If the politicians think we are going to go away, then they should think again. We will not have our message watered down in meaningless elections that only enforce the rule of the financial elites. This is a fight we will not lose.'


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