Abby Martin hosts another intelligient news show from RT (Sky 96)

In my pursuit of intelligent news and current affairs I stumbled on another quality show on RT (Sky 96).

 It's  a half show called Breaking The Set  and offers a progressive slant on mostly, but not exclusively, American politics and concerns.

It has just started appearing on RT in New Zealand but it  has been broadcasting every weekday  on RT America since September. I'm not sure if its going to appear regularly on our screens  because it hasn't appeared in RT's schedules as yet  but it would be good if this was going to be a replacement for the much-missed The Alyona Show.  Otherwise, you can check out the show on its YouTube channel.

It's professionally  presented by Abby Martin.  She's  new to me but she  has been an activist and an   independent journalist in the United  States for a number of years. Among other things she has  established a website for independent journalism called Media Roots.

Frankly, I find Abby Martin and Breaking The Set far more interesting and than the odious Cameron Slater taking over as editor of Sex Classifieds otherwise known as The Truth.

It again raises the question as to why television shows like Breaking The Set are not being made in New Zealand.  Has the range of narrowed of debate been narrowed to such a degree that even a right wing hack like Cameron Slater is deemed worthy of attention?


  1. She's a talented artist too!


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