Merry Xmas to us! It's been a hard year of sacking workers,  slashing benefits and reducing working conditions - so the politicians help themselves to a pay rise...

The politicians are slipping it through in the days before Xmas, in the hope no-one will notice.

The politicians, who already earn more than three  times the average wage,  are getting another pay rise. The same people who have been preaching austerity to the rest of us need more money to  continue to live the lifestyles they have grown accustomed to.

It is being reported that the politicians  will get a 1.5 percent rise which will be backdated to 1 July. Which means they will get half a years increase up front.  That works out at about $12,000.

So it'll be a right old knees-up for the politicians this Xmas.

It will mean $2000 more for backbenchers and about $6000 for John  Key. As if they need it.

On top of all  that there will be 'adjustments' (ie rises)  in MP's allowances.

Last year  the politicians got a 1.5 percent increase plus an additional $5000 payment to 'compensate' for their axed international travel perk.

While the rest of us  are being forced to tighten our belts, the bloated politicians are letting their belts out a couple of notches.

But there will be many New Zealanders who won't be able afford  any kind of Xmas this year.

Indeed many people approaching Work and Income for a special needs grant are being told they need to  increase their income, reduce costs, and seek budgeting advice.

Not surprisingly the food banks are under pressure to meet demand. Last month food banks all around the country were reporting empty shelves and urgently asking for food donations to meet the demand this Xmas.

While the polticians are attacking workers and beneficiaries on all fronts, they themselves are rolling around in a big vat of cash.

These  'dexterous wire-pullers, artful intriguers and careerists' need to be shown to the door marked 'Exit'.


  1. Meanwhile, the Parliamentary cleaners are barely above minimum wage, and the staff who work long hours for political parties have not had a single pay rise since 2008!


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