The economy is improving! And pigs are flying!  But John Key doesn't want to 'oversell' the situation...

You have to credit the Prime Minister for possessing the  audacity to  stare the country in the face and  confidently assert that 'the economy is improving'. Those helpful people at Fairfax headlined the article: 'Economy Starting To Fire: Key.'

Key said that the economy was emerging   from tough times  although he also added that  'he didn't  want to oversell things'.

Yes, that is wise.  With a stagnant economy in the grip of mass unemployment, increasing poverty and a continent-sized economic gap between the rich and the poor, it might be best not to 'oversell things'.

It is also probably not a good idea to 'oversell things' when Key  virtually said the same  thing last October when he declared that the 'economy was heading  in the right direction'.  And he was probably overselling things when he confidently announced   that National would create 170,00 new jobs.

So here  is little  Johnny gesticulating  enthusiastically over the clapped out remains  of an old Toyota Corolla and, as one of the wheels falls off, he  announces that this nice 'Porsche runabout' was formerly owned by a  elderly lady who only drove the car to the shops twice a week. But he's not going to 'oversell it'.

John Key might be  holding a handful of nothing in  the game of Parliamentary Poker Politics but he's going  to bluff his way right through to the general election.

That's because he knows that the guy facing him, David Shearer, is also holding a bunch of nothing.

Labour is in love with the 'free market ' as much as National - how else can we explain its failure to present a coherent economic alternative that puts people first?

When the times call for boldness and a new vision, Shearer sounds like he's trying to sell us a weekend in Palmerston North, staying in a run down motel with outside toilet facilities.

Declares David Shearer:  'We're on the side of the people but only when it doesn't offend big business! Can't we all just get on together? We need some  equality of sacrifice! Where is the love?'

Yes, that will have us all running to the ballot boxes to vote Labour!


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