Helen Kelly forgot May 1. She had more important issues on her mind like....Aaron Gilmore MP.

Combined Trade Union  President Helen Kelly is angry. Well, mildly irritated. Kind of.  But we'll need to have  tripartite discussions with employers and the government  and proceed to an  amicable solution. Going forward.

Helen Kelly wants Aaron Gilmore MP to resign for his drunken and loutish behaviour at the Travel Lodge in Hanmer Springs. As we all know, Gilmore slurred insults and threats at a hotel worker who refused to serve him any more alcohol.

While she is  unhappy  with Gilmore, this  is the same Helen Kelly  who has led a CTU that has sat idly by as workers jobs have disappeared, workers rights diminished, youth rates introduced. Among other things.

In fact, under Kelly, the CTU has collaborated with both Labour and National government's to ensure that the neoliberal assault on the working class has proceeded untroubled by inconvenient strikes and widespread union demonstrations.

Indeed in 2009 Kelly said that the  CTU  was willing   to 'work with employers to mitigate the worst effects of the recession'. Escorting sacked workers to the door marked 'exit' has apparently mitigated 'the worst effects of the recession'.

So there has been no fightback. Her lousy proposal is  to invite workers (again) to be bashed around the head by another right wing Labour government.

Helen Kelly and the CTU couldn't even find it in themselves to mark  May Day. Unlike in other countries around the world, there were no demonstrations and no  marches. Kelly couldn't even  mark the day on her Twitter account.  She had nothing to say on May 1.  Clearly she's a  woman who is unaware of the significance of May Day for ordinary people all around the world.

But she's had lots to say about Aaron Gilmore. He's an easy Tory target for a useless union 'leader'.


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