When it comes to Kate Middleton and the House of Windsor all the mainstream media is capable of saying is 'goo goo'. While state beneficiaries like the Windsor's get the red carpet treatment, a young mother on welfare in this country isn't quite so fortunate..

A fortnight ago the useless corporate media lobbed the Prime Minister another patsy question: What sort of gift would his government be sending the baby of young mother to be Kate Middleton?  This, apparently, is a crucial question of our times. Key joked that they would be sending Kim Dotcom. Ha Ha. Funny it wasn't.

But Key felt comfortable to joke about it because he knew he would get another armchair ride from a flatulent corporate media that long ago gave up asking difficult questions. This, we should remember , is the media that has given us Seven Sharp, Rawdon Christie and Mike Hosking.

In true Seven Sharp manner, the media demanded to know if the government was sending a Buzzy Bee pull-along toy. Or possibly it was a stuffed Kiwi.

'It's a step up from a stuffed Kiwi' countered Key, missing entirely a glorious opportunity to crack a joke about David Shearer.

The obvious question that didn't get asked is why the government is sending any gift at all. Where were those cheerleaders of the neoliberal order demanding to know why we are spending taxpayers money on a woman who has everything and whose mother-in-law receives 30 million pounds a year from the British taxpayer? Hey, this woman is not only having a baby on the state she is also receiving  millions of pounds in HANDOUTS! Disgraceful!

Given the government's current assault on young mothers on welfare in this country shouldn't Key be demanding Kate Middleton look for a job like everyone else - after all, she now runs the risk of being state dependent for the rest of her life! Shocking!

Why isn't the NZ Herald running editorials demanding that there should be no free toys for Kate Middleton's baby? Why are neither TV1 and TV3 exposing the jet setting lifestyle of this notorious state beneficiary? All the corporate media is capable of doing is running stupid polls about what the name of the baby should be.

The reality is that the very same media that regularly takes the big stick to young mothers on welfare in this country will be going 'goo goo' when Kate Middleton eventually drops her bundle.

When it comes to the Windsor's there will be no talk of  a large, dysfunctional family on the take. Instead, we must bow our heads in uncritical obedience to the established god-given order of things.

Roll on the revolution.


  1. Sonnet 65: On the birth of a bludger

    By Don Franks (after David Wood)

    A business opportunity has come to pass
    The birth of a baby royal to their Kate;
    382 million profit for the ruling class
    for the rest of us, just our usual fate
    “William and Kate are the happy pair,
    The whole nation is joyful and happy”
    slavers the servile media mob
    they know so well how to do crappy
    One day he will come to rule the nation
    That is steeped in bloody conquest
    No one could boast a greater history
    of imperialist ruthlessness
    If you like, celebrate this event
    you, not him, will be paying for his food and his wine and rent.


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