TVNZ's Breakfast is sponsored by the oil giant and notorious polluter BP. The oil giant is presently trying to wiggle its way out of paying compensation for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and is under investigation for price fixing in Europe.

TVNZ's news lite Breakfast is sponsored by BP. Throughout the show we are frequently told that the oil multinational and notorious polluter is 'Everyday Part of Your Community' There is additional BP propaganda on the TVNZ website.

Given BP's reputation we should all take it as a warning that the corporate polluter is part of our community.

Its worth noting that while BP congratulates itself for being a wonderful corporate citizen, in the last few days it has launched legal action against what it says are 'bogus' claims for compensation by folk impacted by BP's massive oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico.

This is part of a current campaign by BP to challenge the litigation it faces on the Gulf coast.

BP is also currently under investigation by European regulators amid claims that, along with Shell, it may have rigged oil prices for a decade.

Do you think these BP-related stories will make it on to Breakfast at any stage or will oil money do the talking? We think BP will have its way.


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