Canterbury cricket chief Lee Germon is trying to soak the Christchurch City Council for even more money.

You can't say that Canterbury cricket chief Lee Germon and his Canterbury Cricket mates are a  particularly  grateful bunch. 

Having already received free public land from the Christchurch City to build a privately run  cricket oval  in  the city's iconic   Hagley Park,  Canterbury Cricket is now baulking at paying its legal costs. It has  gone to the Environment  Court, challenging the city council's $224,000 bill for the legal costs of the resource consent  application for the stadium.

Canterbury Cricket has no money itself so it wants the Christchurch City Council to wear this cost as well. Germon wants to stick his nose in the public trough again.

Not only has the city council given Canterbury Cricket valuable public land, it has also handed over to Canterbury Cricket $1.85 million  for construction work on the new pavilion. 

And, in another kick in the guts for the good people of Christchurch,  Germon is now trying to flog off seats at the new oval. It's $9000 for one  covered seat and $15000 for two. Ordinary folk won't be able to afford them, but Germon's business mates will. Isn't the 'free market' wonderful?


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