KSHAMA SAWANT, representing Socialist Alternative, was elected to the Seattle City Council  late last year, defeating the longtime Democrat incumbent in the process.
This is her response to Barack Obama's recent 'State of the Nation' address. The video has had nearly 90,000 hits and has been published by the Huffington Post and promoted by film maker Michael Moore.

In her speech Kshama declares:
"Working people have faced nearly four decades of wage stagnation and rising income inequality.

Four decades, with four Republican presidents and three Democratic presidents. Four decades that show neither party can solve these problems and that both fundamentally represent the same interests - the interests of the super-wealthy and big corporations.

We will only make progress on the basis of fundamental, systemic change. We need a break from the policies of Wall Street and Corporate America. We need a break from capitalism. It has failed the 99%.

Both parties bow down before the free market, and loyally serve the interests of their corporate masters - the only difference being a matter of degree."


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