Is there an alternative to the dreary conservative views of Mike Hosking and Paul Henry? Yes there is, but it isn't John Campbell and isn't on a New Zealand television channel..

IN NEW ZEALAND the height of broadcasting 'radicalism' is the soft- centred liberalism of John Campbell. It's either him or two government cheerleaders called Mike Hosking and Paul Henry. Either way, it's not much of a choice. 

Ever wondered what a left wing show might look like?  Breaking The Set provides a clue. Broadcast on RT (Sky 92) host Abby Martin talks about the issues that matter - without the reactionary and corporate spin that is now prevalent  on  both TVNZ and TV3.

In the latest show Abby Martin talks  with Seattle city council member, Kshama Sawant, the first socialist elected to  American public office in decades. Sawant talks about what socialism means today and how the two party system  can be defeated.

Abby  also talks with Pulitzer-winning  journalist Chris Hedges about capitalism's 'crisis zones'  and why the collapse of American  society is going unreported by the mainstream media.

Breaking The Set can be seen on RT Tuesday-Saturday.


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