Kim Dotcom has a signed copy of Mein Kampf while Mike Hosking approvingly quotes a famous Irish playwright who described Hitler as one of the world's great 'progressive' leaders because he 'did things'. But it isn't Mike Hosking who is getting bashed in the government-friendly  mainstream media.

WHILE THE MEDIA  have been focusing on Kim Dotcom's book-buying habits, no one noticed National Party cheerleader Mike Hosking  quoting  an Irish playwright who openly praised Adolf Hitler.

Declared  Hosking on Seven Sharp last night: 'George Bernard Shaw  said that democracy is a  device that insures we shall be governed no better than we deserve.'  (This is the full quote while Hosking's was a little more truncated.)

Apparently TVNZ's declaration that its presenters have to be politically neutral doesn't apply to Hosking because the quote was meant to be the winning conclusion to a  diatribe  against  Kim Dotcom and his Internet Party. I'm sure Hosking's master, John Key, would of approved.

And so would his wife, Kate Hawkesby. She recently tweeted:  'I want to live in a world where Kim Dotcom is never in the news.'

While Shaw is often described as a Fabian socialist, he associated himself with the idea of Nietzsche's 'Superman' and openly praised Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin.

He described them as the world’s great “progressive” leaders because they “did things,” unlike the leaders of those “putrefying corpses” called parliamentary democracies. Shaw talked of the tyranny of 'popular ignorance'. The working class, said Shaw, got the democracies they deserved.

Not a great fan of the working class himself, it seems that  Hosking has a liking  for Shaw's political views. But don't expect  to see TV3's Patrick Gower appearing on the six o'clock news bulletin excitedly revealing that Mike Hosking has been flirting with 'a known Nazi sympathiser'.


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