Mega-capitalist Kim Dotcom is attending  the Mana Party AGM this weekend. Any electoral deal with him will spell the end of Mana as a party with left wing aspirations. 

THIS WEEK WE have seen the unedifying spectacle of the opposition parties jostling for position as they seek some sort of uneasy electoral pact. The Green Party's approach to the Labour for a formal arrangement has been rebuffed by the Labour top brass. Such is the conservatism of the Labour leadership that even the blue green politics of Russel Norman and co is apparently still 'too  left'  for David 'socialism is not a word I use'  Cunliffe.

And  the ongoing game of footsy between the Mana  Party and Kim Dotcom's Internet Party will be uncovered at the  Mana Party AGM.

While the Mana leadership want to seal a deal,  many members  are hostile to mega-capitalist  Kim Dotcom crashing their party. Actvists  like Sue Bradford continue to warn  of the dangers associated with Dotcom but Mana - under Hone Harawira -  continues to drift rightwards. That an opportunistic deal with Dotcom can even be considered demonstrates  just how far Mana has degenerated.

Any deal with Dotcom will spell  the end of Mana as a party  with left wing aspirations.

Meanwhile there is talk in some quarters of the possible role that Winston Peter's New Zealand First will play in the  unofficial electoral coalition. Apparently  Winston's anti-working class views  (not to mention his xenophobia) are not a problem.

Indeed it is this line-up that political mercenary  Martyn Bradbury has declared is a  'government in waiting' and that “Cunliffe’s best shot at being PM is to unify the opposition”  Bradbury is an idiot.

I would of thought of Cunliffe's 'best shot at being PM' is to articulate a clear political  and economic alternative to neoliberalism and to stop treating the shibboleths of capitalism as if they were sacrosanct.

Instead of proposing a way out of the neoliberal straitjacket, the very best such an Labour-led  government is offering is that it  might loosen the straps just a bit. And I'm being charitable here because I think Cunliffe - if  he ever did become Prime Minister - would do nothing without asking business interests first.

The only consistent  message on offer is that   'We're not John Key and the National Party'. But that message only leads to the dubious and unacceptable  politics  of Winston Peters  and Kim Dotcom.


  1. I'm dismayed that Hone is trying to foist Kim Dotcom on the Mana Party and I will tearing up my membership if this happens. I did not join Mana merely to help certain people pursue their parliamentary ambitions.


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