THE CRISIS OF CIVILIZATION is a 2011 documentary feature film investigating how global crises like ecological disaster, financial meltdown, dwindling oil reserves, terrorism and food shortages are converging symptoms of a single, failed global system.

Weaving together archival film footage and animations, film-maker Dean Puckett, animator Lucca Benney and international security analyst Dr. Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed – author of A User’s Guide to the Crisis of Civilization: And How to Save It – demonstrate  that ‘another world’ is not merely possible, but on its way.

The film highlights how a  failure to understand the systemic context of the ecological crisis, inextricably linked to neoliberal ideology and capitalism, has generated a tendency to deal not with the root structural cause, but only with the symptoms. Attempts to 'reform' capitalism can only fail and we have run out of time for more political failure.

The real solution, Nafeez argues, is to work toward a fundamental systemic transformation based on more participatory forms of organising society.


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