Why can't Sue Bradford just be unprincipled like me? Chris Trotter cosies up to Kim Dotcom.

CHRIS TROTTER'S  latest newspaper column  is both arrogant and patronising. The  unsuspecting victim of Trotter's  clunky and self serving criticisms  is well known activist Sue Bradford.

Why has Trotter targeted her?  Because she had the effrontery  to actually stand by her political principles and resign from the Mana Party. What is the world coming to when people just won't  fly the white flag and surrender to political opportunism and convenience? Why can't Sue just be like Chris  and cosy up to the  German mega-capitalist with right wing libertarian beliefs? It's so much easier than trying to build a proper left wing political alternative.

Trotter  claims that Sue Bradford wasn't entitled to exercise her democratic rights and resign from Mana. According to the man who well know socialist Paul Henry once described  as 'New Zealand's  best left wing commentator', she should have simply hung around and meekly  abided by 'Mana's democratic decision-making process.'  That was  the process where Hone decided what the outcome was going to be and they proceeded to that outcome.

But why on earth should  Sue have stayed?  So she can  pop down to the Dotcom mansion  for champagne and canapes with Hone, Laila  and all the other champagne charlies like Mike Treen and Joe Carolan from the Unite Union? Perhaps she could  go for a spin in Dotcom's private jet? She'd have lots to tell the folk down at Auckland Action Against Poverty! Solidarity forever!

Of course I seem to recall a certain Chris Trotter resigning from the Labour Party and joining Jim Anderton's NewLabour. Trotter didn't much feel like abiding by Labour's  'democratic decision making process' back then. Obviously its a case of 'do as I say , not what I do'.  There's a bad smell of hypocrisy coming from  Bowalley Road right now.

But wait! There's more! Trotter, whose own politics embody paternalism, accuses Sue Bradford of paternalism! 

He snidely comments: 'an unkind commentator might draw his readers’ attention to the extraordinary condescension involved in a middle-aged Pakeha and former Green MP setting forth the correct moral path for a party dominated overwhelmingly by young, marginalised Maori.

Is that right, Chris? Well, an unkind commentator might draw his readers' attention to the extraordinary condescension involved in a middle aged Pakeha blogger and Labour Party supporter setting forth the correct moral path for one of New Zealand's most prominent  left wing activists. 

But, once again, Trotter is just making things up as he goes along. All Sue actually did was state her case. I think she treated the Mana membership with respect by being honest and upfront. I think that's a million miles  better than suddenly, out of nowhere, becoming Mana's new best friend.


  1. I know Sue personally and her commitment to left wing politics has always been staunch. For someone like Trotter, who pontificates from afar, his slurs against her character are deeply insulting.

    The point is that many other (former) Mana members feel like Sue. However our voices have been drowned out in the rush from the Mana top table to embrace Dotcom. Is Trotter questioning our politics too? Funny, I've never seen Trotter at a Mana meeting but he seems to think he's entitled to lecture Sue.


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