It takes a unique  mind to work out that mega-capitalist Kim Dotcom is a revolutionary socialist.

IN PERHAPS ONE OF HIS most absurd posts of recent times, blogger and Labour Party supporter  Chris Trotter has decided that Internet - Mana is no less than a revolutionary socialist party.

His basis for this claim is nothing more than the fact than the audience at a Kim Dotcom meeting chanted 'Fuck you, John Key!' Seduced by the spectacle as he so often is, Trotter's observation is as dismal  as his recent  comments  that some of the protesters  against Israel's barbaric assault on Gaza might of been anti-semitic.

It is an indication of just how right wing mainstream  politics have become in New Zealand that someone as determinedly anti-socialist as Chris Trotter can claim   that the spectacle of a wealthy capitalist encouraging his youthful audience to tell John Key to 'fuck off' is somehow  'revolutionary'. However he manages to waffle on about this for five hundred words or so, even dragging Labour stalwarts  Harry Holland and Peter Fraser into his nonsensical  ramblings.

It is also instructive to note that while Trotter leaps to his keyboard to laud  Internet Mana as 'revolutionary' he only has scorn and derision for genuine revolutionary socialists.


  1. Trotter has also a list of banned commenters. But his difficulty is with consistency. He writes for the rags, and gives them what he thinks they want, or can tolerate more likely. He is just amusement value The only person that takes Trotter seriously is Trotter. As I said elsewhere, soon he should start quoting himelf as a source of his own authority and knowledge. He is absurd,


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