Mike Hosking  showed off his  'impartiality'  on Seven Sharp tonight. 

 MIKE HOSKING  PLUNGED to a new low on Seven Sharp  with a blatant attempt to discredit Nicky Hager and his book  Dirty Politics. There was no pretence of anything resembling  journalism - this was an exercise in defending a government that Hosking  wants to see re-elected.

After he  had allowed National's campaign manager Steven Joyce to take a few  free swipes at  Hager, Hosking himself weighed in. He was not  interested in talking about the substantive issues raised in Hager's book because he had already decided  that there was  'no smoking gun'. But as ex-Listener editor Finlay MacDonald tweeted, 'Mike Hosking wouldn't recognise a 'smoking gun' if it was presented to him on a plate in book form'.

Instead Hosking  was intent on portraying Hager  as someone who had 'stolen' data from the computer of Cameron Slater  and, anyway,  Hager  had not proved a thing because 'everyone' ( the government) had denied all  his allegations. Case closed. So let's talk about something else then, shall we?

This little rant from Hosking was  simply a continuation of a rancorous  interview Hosking  conducted with Hager on his Newstalk ZB show this morning. While this sort of thing is par for the course on the right wing talkback station it is unacceptable that TVNZ continues to allow Hosking to use Seven Sharp as a platform not only  to parade his support for the Key government but attempt to shut down an issue that is embarrassing and potentially fatal for John Key.

At one point Hager accused Hosking of not having an 'open' mind on the book which I think was being far too polite. I think Laila Harre's demolition job  on another National Party cheerleader, Rawdon Christie, earlier this week is  a useful guide on how to treat Hosking.  Challenge him. Call him out for his blatant political favouritism. He is contemptible and he should be treated with contempt.

Hager was also not happy with Heather du Plessis-Allan and her  facile item on Dirty Politics. She avoided all the main issues too and highlighted the fact that Judith Collins called a few people a few names. It was all just one big joke for the woman who was also responsible for  the  awful sycophantic profile of Cameron Slater  that screened on Seven Sharp several weeks ago. Slater will be delighted to know that he can continue to count on her support.

If Mike Hosking was working in the United States he'd be working for Fox News and berating Edward Snowden for being a traitor to America. That's how bad this guy is. We deserve a whole lot better than this ignorant right wing hack.

The good thing is  that no one is listening to Hosking. The first edition  of the book has already sold out and a second printing has been ordered. And you can get it on Kindle via Amazon.


  1. Yes, it was billed as Joyce v Hager when in fact it was Hosking and Joyce v Hager. Downright disgusting. I was hoping they'd provide an under-table shot so we could see what size jackboot Hosking takes. This is the guy to chair the leaders' debates? What a farce. And I thought the officiating in boxing was corrupt!

  2. Just switch over to Campbell live and the Paul Henry Show. A lefty and a righty who have a more balanced approach. Paul Henry still the same and proud righty I now realized has more people to the left on his show than the right and he now also criticizes anyone regardless of their agenda. He's also called out TVNZ on a few things too. John Campbell as annoying as he is..... thank goodness he is here!!
    Watching the boy band members Mike Hosking, Rawdon Christie, those other two clowns on One News are as annoying as watching a one direction music clip and the little girl presenters like Ali Pugh, Toni Street etc reminds me of Glasson's sales girls when i'm forced into shopping with my daughter!!


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