Pulitzer-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald is attacked by the Prime Minister.

JUST A cursory review of Glenn Greenwald's track record will reveal that the Pulitzer-winning journalist is in no one's pocket. But that was what  the Prime Minister snidely accused him of yesterday. He described him as being in 'Dotcom's pocket'.

Greenwald, who is presently in New Zealand, has been the target of criticism not only from the political establishment  but from fellow journalists. He  has described American journalism as 'neutered and impotent and obsolete.'

Greenwald outlined to Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! the response of the American  corporate media to his reporting on Edward Snowden’s leaked National Security Agency documents:

“We knew that once we started publishing not one or two stories, but dozens of stories … that not just the government, but even fellow journalists were going to start to look at what we were doing with increasing levels of hostility and to start to say, ‘This doesn’t actually seem like journalism anymore,’ because it’s not the kind of journalism that they do. It doesn’t abide by these unspoken rules that are designed to protect the government.”

He could well have been talking about the New Zealand media. John Key and National Party have enjoyed a benevolent relationship with the mainstream media, a relationship that Nicky Hager exposed in Dirty Politics.

It is illuminating to compare Key's hostility toward Glenn Greenwald with the affectionate relationship he has with certain mainstream journalists and, of course, with the continued loyalty  he demonstrates for sleaze merchant Cameron Slater.


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