Germany's left-wing has made history with a deal that will make a socialist the head of a German federal state. The coalition government in Thuringia will include  Die Linke (Left Party), the Social Democrats and the Greens.

IN A DEAL of historical  significance for the German left and the European left generally, it has been confirmed that Bodo Ramelow of the socialist Die Linke (Left Party) will  become state premier of the Thuringia region next month.

Ramelow will lead a coalition including Die Linke, the Social Democrats (SPD) and the Greens.

The success of Die Linke has come in the face of concerted opposition from conservative forces and the German mainstream media. German chancellor Angela  Merkel went as far as to warn voters in Thuringia  "not to let Karl Marx back into office".

While the New Zealand left is non existent in the New Zealand Parliament, Die Linke has 75 out of 620 seats in the Bundestag and is  the fourth biggest party in parliament. It continues to be seen as the only party presenting a clear left alternative to neoliberalism.


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