The Governor General, Jerry Mateparae, pays tribute to the former dictator of a country that is one of the chief funders of global terrorism and has played a major role in the rise of ISIS.

HOW NICE of the Governor General, Jerry Mateparae, to extend his sympathy to the Saudi Arabian ruling dynasty in the wake of the death of 'King' Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

How nice of Mateparae to pay tribute, on behalf of New Zealand, to the former ruler of a country that funds terrorism throughout the world. Even Saudi Arabia's chief supporter, the United States, knows this. It was a leaked cable from Wikileaks that exposed former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton describing Abdullah's regime as one of the “chief funders” of Sunni terrorism.

Under Abdullah, Saudi Arabia contributed to the rise of ISIS. It supports a vicious strain of Islam known as Wahhabism that justifies violent jihad, the taking of slaves, and martyrdom.

None of this seems to matter to the Governor General, who paid an official visit to Saudi Arabia in 2011.

"I know the sad news of King Abdullah's passing will be a great sorrow to his people," said Mateparae.

Really? Under Abdullah’s regime the oppression of women and the gay community has continued, there has been a record number of beheadings and political dissidents have been publicly flogged.

 Abdullan has been replaced by ‘Crown Prince’ Salman. He says it will be business as usual.

“King” Abdullah was a bloody dictator. He has been replaced by another bloody dictator. But Mateparae will no doubt extend his best wishes to ‘Crown Prince’ Salman as well.


  1. Don't worry. An outraged Derek Fox will tell Jerry that he has 'responsibilities' and that his comments have 'ramifications'.


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