The unofficial anthem of Syriza is Patti Smith's 'People Have The Power'.

The people have the power
The power to dream
To rule
To wrestle the Earth from fools
It’s decreed
The people rule

SYRIZA HAS adopted 'People Have The Power' as its unofficial anthem.

Shortly before the polls closed Syriza supporters celebrated projections of an historic victory by posting a link on Twitter to the song.

'People Have The Power', by American artist Patti Smith, was also a regular feature of Syriza rallies during the 2012 election campaign. In 2013 Patti Smith performed the song in Greece.

Other songs in the Syriza catalogue have included 'Rock the Casbah' by The Clash and Leonard Cohen's 'First We Take Manhattan' - which includes the refrain 'then we take Berlin'.


  1. I'm ashamed to say I've never heard this song before. So good and great message.


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