A Dunedin-based Green Party election candidate, Chris Ford, feels betrayed by the leadership of the Green Party. He says that he isn't the only member who feels this way.

GREEN PARTY candidate Chris Ford says he's "reassessing" his membership of the Green Party in the light of the leadership shifting the party further to the right and signing up for Labour's 'Budget Responsibility Rules'. He's also angry that this was done without any consultation with the party membership.

Ford, who stood for the Green's in 2014, said: "I'm very disappointed with the party I belong to for doing this! In fact, I know that many other members -like me - are disappointed and angry. I am reassessing my membership. I knew that this statement (Labour and Greens' joint Budget Responsibility Rules agreement) was being developed but party members seem to have been largely bypassed in doing so.”

Ford is expressing a widespread dissatisfaction within the Green Party rank and file who believe that the party has strayed far from its progressive roots, For many, the sight of co-leaders James Shaw and Metiria Turei signing up to the 'Budget Responsibility Rules' may be the final straw.


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