Up the workers!
Labour and the Green's announce a memo of understanding with big business, which they have called the 'Budget Responsibility Rules'.

IT WOULD be just plain daft to expect Labour and the Greens to be at the forefront of real political and economic change, but their Budget Responsibility Rules don't even attempt to pretend that a Labour - Green government would differ significantly from the present government. Indeed the Green's have agreed to tough budget restrictions - austerity by any other name - that means there will be next to no economic salvation for the very people these two parties fraudently claim to represent.

According to Labour finance spokesperson Grant Robertson: “These rules demonstrate how Labour and the Greens in Government will manage the economy prudently, effectively and sustainability.” Remember - this is the same Grant Robertson who told us that the more progressive policies of Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party would not work here. This the same Grant Robertson who campaigned against Labour embracing a citizen's universal income.

The Green's say that its 'fiscal responsibility" that "will clean up our rivers, solve our housing crisis and tackle climate change." The absurdity of this statement is breathtaking.

The Budget Responsibly Rules embrace the tenets of discredited neoliberalism, the language of the market and the defence of the status quo. We have been given zero reasons why we should even consider voting for these two parties who clearly represent the interests of the one percent. Although we can we be sure that their apologists will continue to try and sell then as 'the lesser evil.'

It seems almost inevitable that the corporates Kensington Swan and KPMG should host the announcement of Labour and the Green's memo of understanding with big business. This is Labour and the Green's natural home and where they feel the most comfortable. They represent, as blogger Giovanni Tiso has observed, "the most pointless centre-left in the world".


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