Andrew Little : "We're talking about a revolution."
Labour leader Andrew Little announced today that his party was rejecting thirty years of endorsing and defending the polices of inequality and division.

ON THE STEPS of Parliament today, Labour leader Andrew Little announced a radical new political direction for the Labour Party.

Struggling to make himself heard above the cheers of the large crowd, some of whom were waving red flags, Little announced that Labour "was the party of the 99 percent, not the one percent. We are the party of real change."

"This is the beginning of our revolution. It begins here, right now.' said Little.

Little told the crowd that Labour would be releasing a raft of progressive polices over the coming weeks and months.

"These policies are aimed at regaining control of the economy for the benefit of the people of New Zealand. Corporate rule will come to an end under the next Labour Government! I and the Labour Party make that commitment to you today."

Speculation is rife that Labour intends to nationalise the commanding heights of the economy while, at the same time, devolving economic and political power to the community and grassroots level.

Labour's opponents have been quick to react.

Prime Minister Bill English described Andrew Little's speech  as "pie in the sky stuff" and "madness" while the NZ Herald, in an editorial, said that Andrew Little needed to quickly learn that  "its not about trying to make a counter-culture but trying to make a government."

Business leaders say that what Labour is proposing is "totally unacceptable" and predicts large job losses if Labour pursues "such a reckless economic direction".

Labour Party sources say that it has been overwhelmed with applications from people wanting to join the party.


  1. Disappointing that you are reduced to writing obviously fake news.

    1. I like to think I'm presenting alternative facts. :)


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