Martyn Bradbury explains to a journalist why he had to censor her article.
Martyn Bradbury, who recently censored comments made by me, alleges that Netsafe are trying to censor The Daily Blog. Oh, the irony…

MARTYN BRADBURY IS, among his other deficiencies, a rank hypocrite.

At this moment in time Bradbury is embroiled in an argument with Netsafe who apparently have requested that material be removed from The Daily Blog because a complaint has been received about it by Netsafe under the provisions of the Harmful Digital Communications legislation.

Bradbury has refused to remove the offending content, which he doesn’t identify. Says Bradbury: “I am not allowed to tell you the content they wish to censor and I am not allowed to tell you if the blog has been censored.”

Because Bradbury apparently won’t play ball the complaint against The Daily Blog will proceed.

We need to mindful here that we are dealing with Bradbury’s version of events but, regardless of the merits of the case, his attempt to take the political and moral high ground is risible.

Bradbury told Netsafe:

“The content you have asked to be censored is not defamatory and allowing secret censorship of political blogs is the most dangerous and disturbing part of your powers. This blog ain’t for turning.”

Readers of this blog will know that Martyn Bradbury himself recently censored me. He refused to publish my comments, which weren’t defamatory, merely because I criticised him for being a sycophantic toady for  the Labour Party. He didn’t much like that and my comments were duly tossed into the cyber rubbish bin.

If I hadn’t wrote about it, no one would of known that Bradbury has been playing censor in the privacy of his own room.

But it seems I am not the only one who has incurred Bradbury’s editorial wrath. I have since received a couple of messages from people who allege their comments also suffered the same fate as mine. So is Bradbury a serial censor?

Meanwhile, for another take on Martyn Bradbury and The Daily Blog, Anne Russell is worth a read. In "The Misogyny of The Daily Blog" she roundly attacks the blog's stance on women’s issues – and singles out Martyn Bradbury and his old chum Chris Trotter for special mention. 


  1. Yes Bradbury is a serial censor. He's up there with the ludicrous pompous Chris Trotter. But you see thats the left for you. On the other hand I flagrantly attack Nat Government on Kiwiblog and Farrar himself and always get away with it.


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