"My broad church is this broad!"boasts Martyn Bradbury to journalist.
Has anybody seen Matt McCarten's 'campaign for change'? It appears to have gone missing...

ON SUNDAY Andrew Little's right hand man, Matt McCarten, announced on TVNZ'S Q+A that he was starting a 'campaign for change'. Not long after that announcement, Labour Party foghorn Martyn Bradbury was blaring about it on The Daily Blog.

According to Bradbury, McCarten would be launching the campaign on Monday and The Daily Blog would be providing details. Four days later the campaign has yet to be launched and Bradbury has failed to provide any explanation for its apparent cancellation.

The domain, campaignforchange.org.nz, has been registered but there is nothing on the website.

Perhaps it's true that Jeremy Corbyn's success has spooked the New Zealand Labour Party. Launching any kind of 'campaign for change' would inevitably invite comparisons with U.K. Labour and dull and conservative Andrew Little and his chums would be found wanting. Severely.

Meanwhile, after watching Jeremy Corbyn and U.K Labour achieve remarkable success as a left wing and working class party, Martyn Bradbury has concluded that N.Z. Labour needs to remain as a centrist "broad church' party! Brilliant! It's this kind of genius that leads to four election defeats in a row!


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