There will be a three minute silence on Wednesday for Christian fundamentalist Bob McCoskrie.

Bob McCoskrie of Family First (which is basically Bob sitting in front of his computer) is suffering from massive hypocrisy.

While declaring that something must be done about the abuse of New Zealand children, McCoskrie was a vocal opponent of the anti-smacking bill.

McCoskrie has also mounted a campaign to have corporal punishment reintroduced into schools - he has claimed that the removal of corporal punishment in schools has been a root cause of the rise in violence against teachers. But Bob doesn't seem to have a problem with teachers inflicting violence on pupils, via the cane.

So on Wednesday please remember Bob McCoskrie - he's a hypocrite and should be avoided at all costs.


  1. Well done - McCroskie is a hypocrite. He is also anti-welfare, anti-gay and thinks men should be the head of the household. I'm not surprised another Christine Rankin is supporting him -she is just as bad.


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