Sideshow Bob, newly elected Mayor of Christchurch, hasn't taken much time to start playing up.

Why is the Christchurch City Council so unpopular? Why are the citizens of Christchurch so cynical about their councillors?

Could it be because the last council kept on putting the rates up, well ahead of the rate of inflation? Could it because the last council stymied the democratic process by closing meetings to the public? Or possibly it's because the last council set up several shelf companies in order to avoid public scrutiny?

Sideshow Bob Parker doesn't think so - but he wouldn't because he voted for all these things.

No, Sideshow Bob thinks its fault of his political opponents. Sideshow's crazy logic is that if his opponents had not raised these issues then everything would be fine and dandy. Why couldn't his opponents just kept quiet and allowed Sideshow Bob and co to increase the rates with a minimum of fuss?

Of course what this latest outburst from Sideshow Bob reveals is that Sideshow thinks neither he or his councillors are at fault about anything at all. It's always someone else's fault - and they're always liberal or left wing!

If Christchurch isn't careful, its going to get another three years of political arrogance, undemocratic behaviour and looking after 'mates'.


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