Several posts ago I wrote a piece about political columnist Chris Trotter appearing on stage at the Labour Party conference, along with along with several other Labour Party luminaries - including Prime Minister Clark.

They were apparently singing a song - called 'It's a Better Way with Labour'.

The song in question, I have learned, was something that musician Chris Knox was commissioned by the Labour Party to write.

In fact, Knox was up on stage providing the musical accompaniment on his guitar.

I didn't comment on Knox's appearance because his politics have been drifting sedately rightwards for many years.

And it appears that Knox has finally turned into a complacent member of the Establishment -the Establishment he regularly attacked in his anarchist/punk days.

But Chris must be feeling uncomfortable about his transformation into a paid-up member of the Auckland 'Labour Milieu' Club (President: Russell Brown) because he has been defending himself in a recent column in the Dominion Post.

Has Chris 'blanded out'? No, Chris says he's just more 'sceptical' about government's rather 'cynical'.

He also went on to offer some thoughts on left wing politics; '‘I do believe in the Left cause. I still think it's relevant. I think helping those who are less fortunate than ourselves which is the basis of socialism, is a viable idea and I'm happy to support it.'

I'm not sure if Chris is confusing socialism with charity but, regardless, if this is how he views 'socialism' how can he still lend his support to a Labour Government that has actually deepened social inequalities?

Ah, Chris falls back on the 'lesser evil' argument, the dodgy argument of all political scoundrels. Chris is supporting Labour because a National Government would be 'worse'

‘I cannot stand the new centrist, “Trust us” face of the National Party., says Knox.

Apparently supporting a right wing free market called Labour is better than supporting a right wing free market party called National


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