With the New Zealand Government getting all cosy with the Chinese Stalinist regime, its interesting to note that China is exporting more than just cheap clothes and TV sets.

China is also exporting a whole load of computer malware.

According to StopBadware.org, almost half the websites inflicting malware on computer users comes from just ten networks. Six of these ten networks are internet service providers and are based in China. These providers host 41 percent of the world’s malicious websites.

Using data from Google’s Safe Browsing project, StopBadware.org analysed over 200,000 websites producing malware.

Google itself is also a culprit.- it hosted approximately 4,200 malicious blogs or about two percent of all the malware-infested sites.


  1. I believe its unfair to call the Chinese regime 'Stalinist'. Very early on Stalin betrayed Mao, and China forged its own way. Its easy to criticise the contemparay Chinese government from our perspective where we take 'democracy' for granted...we were not oppressed by the western imperial powers as China was.


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