The public outcry has been overwhelming and finally, both TVNZ and The Radio Network (TRN) have bowed to public pressure: Tony Veitch has been relieved of his broadcasting duties until, say TVNZ and TRN, the allegations of domestic violence (see yesterday’s post) against him have been ‘investigated’.

Of course the question to be asked of TVNZ is why didn‘t it do an investigation some two years ago when it first became aware of what had happened.

Indeed TVNZ and TRN have acted in a cowardly manner throughout this whole nasty affair.

Both organisations have omitted the Veitch story from their news broadcasts over the past two days In the case of TRN it refused to allow talkback callers to go to air on the ZB Network if they wanted to talk about Veitch.

Yesterday, afternoon host Danny Watson – a man who has often preached about violence in the community and ‘taking a stand’ - was talking about the All Blacks. The evening host Bruce Russell – a man in favour of tougher prison sentences - was talking about Auckland crime and Triad gangs.

TRN is tough on crime and violence – except when it comes to its own employees.

This morning Veitch could be heard sharing a joke or two with ZB breakfast host Paul Holmes and newsreader Kate Hawkesby. The jolly Kate Hawkesby asked Veitch about his upcoming trip to the Olympic Games where he is supposed to be one of TVNZ’s main anchors.

Whether or not he’ll get to go now is another matter entirely.

But given TVNZ’S reluctance to take the guy off the air, they may well be hoping that the dust might settle over the next fortnight and they might be able to slip Veitch into Beijing without anyone noticing. Fat chance.


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