Mayor of Christchurch Bob Parker drives around in a $100,000 Audi which he got from one his election campaign backers - John Fairhall of Archibalds Cars.

Now another one of his election backers is in the spotlight.

Nuk Korako gave $5000 to Sideshow Bob's election campaign. Sideshow Bob has described his campaign backers as 'good people'.

Fairhall said he supported Parker because he was a 'very market orientated person'.

Korako, a travel agent, is also the chairman of the Rapaki Marae Development Board. The board is asking for $400,000 from the Christchurch City Council as a contribution to its new $2.7 million marae in Lyttelton.

Sideshow Bob, clearly rattled by the public reaction to the $17 million bailout of failed property developer Dave Henderson, opted out of voting on the funding issue.

The rest of the council though decided not to vote on the funding and the matter has now gone to a 'working party' to 'explore funding options'.


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