Can there presently be a more unpopular New Zealand city council than the Christchurch City Council?

Already the subject of an Ombudsman inquiry on its decison to put up council rents by a massive twenty-four percent, it now looks like its decision to spend $17 million on five over-valued Dave Henderson properties will be the subject of an inquiry by the Auditor-General.

The Auditor General's office has received several complaints abut the shonky deal and will decide next week whther it will investigate.

Once again there has been more PR bluster from Christchurch CEO Tony Marryatt, intruding once again into the political domain. He claims that the decision will 'stand scrutiny'- but this is the guy who constantly refers to Henderson as 'Dave'.

Meanwhile the Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce has demanded more information about the deal and called it a "knee-jerk response".

They'd like to know, for example, where the $17 million is coming from - since it was never budgeted for.

And what of Mayor Sideshow Bob? He's still in Beijiing. When the going gets tough - well, Sideshow Bob is nowhere to be seen..


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