When he is in trouble, one of Dave Henderson’s favourite tactics is to deny everything.

Here’s another example.

An elderly Queenstown couple, Alex and Thelma Dickson, are taking legal action against our man Hendo for $500,000, plus interest and costs, over a $1.3 million Gibbston property deal

Alex Dickson – who’s almost 80 – says Henderson’s company Anthem Holdings has failed to repay a $500,000 loan due six months ago.

When the Dicksons sold their historic Gibbston property to Anthem for $1.3m two years ago, they were paid $800,000 – the other $500,000 was loaned as a second mortgage to Anthem, with Henderson providing a personal guarantee.

“The money became due last February,” says Alex Dickson.

He also says Henderson stopped paying interest on the loan about March.

“I want the money and I want Henderson to honour his commitment.”, he told Queenstown's Scene newspaper

Guess what? Henderson denies he owes them half a million dollars.

Pontificates Dave: “I’ve got some issues with all of that and I hope they can be resolved in a full and proper way.'

What 'issues', Dave? They wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that you are in debt up to your eyeballs?

Alex Dickson has health problems. He had a stroke some two years ago and travels to Dunedin every week for the treatment of an ulcer in the eye.

Now he has 'the curse of Henderson' to deal with.


  1. I have been looking for any recognition by Henderson of the damage he does to his creditors. But there is none. They do not seem to be of interest to him at all.
    Just more denial and spin.
    I say that Christchurch people will not forget this situation and that both Parker and Henderson have a price to pay as yet unacknowledged.


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