Labour and National have more in common than they have differences, so it comes as no surprise that Helen Clark and John Key have stiched up a cosy wee deal not to appear on TVNZ or TV3 with all the other party leaders.

Although Clark and Key will meet each other in some face to face debates, both party leaders have decided they can't be be bothered participating in the MMP debate.

'The Prime Minister wil either be me or the Leader of the Opposition,' was Clark's dismissive answer to TV3's Duncan Garner, consigning the minor parties to the position of 'also-rans'.

The deal was apparently proposed by Clark's office although Key refused to confirm this. In fact, Key gave the impression that he didn't think the issue was of any importance.

Labour and National, in tandem, are attempting to define the boundaries of the election debate. But what have they to fear from the minor parliamentary parties anyway? All of them are offering market-driven policies. There is no real alternative on show.

Yes folks, this is 'democracy' in action. It's Coca-Cola Labour versus Pepsi National. It's Labour's free market policies or National's free market policies. It's no choice at all.


  1. Guess what? In NZ we don't elect our prime ministers, so there's absolutely no call for a televised head-to-head debate between the two "PM candidates". TVNZ and TV3 should get together and agree not cave in to their demands. Cut off their oxygen -- it's the only thing they understand.

    It's a waste of time voting for the bland main parties. Your vote has far more effect if it bolsters a ginger group on the fringe. There are a few fringe parties with more integrity than the main parties -- and a few with less!


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